Friday, May 9, 2014


I skipped last month to post anything on my blog

but no worries,
this time i have a very creative and beautiful works from Maia Flore..

feast your eyes for this unique campaign,
commissioned by Atout France (The France Tourism Development Agency) and Agence VU (Maia's Agency)..

this campaign really works on me,
makes me want to wander along those places..
with my loved one and little one

all photos courtesy of Maia Flore
via My Modernmet

The Palais de Papes, Avignon
An imposing fortress and magnificent palace, the Papal Palace is the largest Gothic building in the world (equal in volume to four cathedrals) and stands as a symbol of the Church’s power and influence of the Church in the West at the end of the Middle Ages.

The Water Mirror, Bordeaux
Since July 2006, Bordeaux has had the largest water mirror in the world (3,450 m2), the creation of architect Michel Corajoud. It is an extremely popular place to relax on the banks of the Garonne. Children play in swimsuits, the adults have picnics and in the evening, it reflects the lights of the city. “It is not a monument like the others,” said Maia Flore. It comes to life. Regularly, jets of vapor plunge the silhouettes into a fog, obscuring even the red dress of the artist.

The MuCEM, Marseille
The museum, which opens onto the Mediterranean, was inaugurated in June 2013. It serves as a bridge across time, seas, and peoples, full of a strong symbolism. Maia Flore there creates a moment of spontaneity, where the human element communicates with the space and the reflections, walking on the water and enjoying the energy of this beautifully sunny place.

The Royal Château de Blois
As a former residence of seven kings and nine queens of France, Blois symbolizes court life during the Renaissance. Adjacent to the queen’s chamber is the study (or studiolo). Behind the wooden panels of the room once lurked works of arts and other treasures, but freed from the weight of history and alone for a few hours, Maia Flore “invents simple stories in an ornate decor, covered in gold and Fleurs de lys, where even the bed has been engraved.”

The Palais de Papes, Avignon
An imposing fortress and magnificent palace, the Papal Palace is the largest Gothic building in the world (equal in volume to four cathedrals) and stands as a symbol of the Church’s power and influence of the Church in the West at the end of the Middle Ages. “The walls are so high that your instict from anywhere is to lift your head and look for the sky. The sun barely penetrates the court. Some walls are windowless. I liked this one where the windows, though austere, create, in a very modern fashion, a seductively repetitive aesthetic,” said Maia Flore.

Gare Saint Sauveur, Lille, lille3000
The former freight station was transformed into a contemporary art venue for lille3000, a highlight of the city’s cultural life. Always moving towards the next destination, the station momentarily becomes the workshop of which Maia Flore only dreams. “In this empty space, I can create my own show;” a show where a future traveler may emerge from the painting as he waits for the train.

Château de Thoiry
A few kilometers from Paris, visiting the park that surrounds the castle of Thoiry by car allows you to meet some of the exotic animals out of 104 species that live in semi-freedom. The grounds of the African Reserve at the Château offer an environment that is as rich as the wildlife itself. Inside the walls of the castle, “light enters everywhere,” remarks Maia Flore. The castle is a rare example of esoteric Renaissance architecture. Designed by Philibert de l’Orme, it was built to be a transparent bridge of light, where, following the solstices, the sun rises or sets in the central arch. Everything has been designed in function of the magic of light, establishing a link between the castle and the sun’s path, a heavenly place for photography or for the public to simply enjoy the beauty of nature.

Pic du Midi
At an altitude of 2,877 meters, the Pic du Midi has a panoramic view of the Pyrenean summits. At 7 p.m. the waltz of cable cars and tourists stops, and space and time no longer have anything to do with life on earth. Maia Flore appears to touch the stars that seem closer than usual and meets the rings of Saturn. “It’s like your own castle in the sky,” she said of the experience at the top.

The Thermes du Mont-Dore, Auvergne
Set at an altitude of 1,050 meters in the heart of Auvergne, the baths have existed since Roman times, built around the sulfurous thermal springs. The Neo-Byzantine style of architecture and decor reflect their rich past. In the waiting room, the balloons arranged by Maia Flore give an idea of the magnitude of the space but the playful seesaw into which the artist integrates them makes you want to smile and brings you back to a more intimate dimension.

Opera Royal of Versailles
At Versailles, there is masterpiece upon masterpiece. In gardens designed by Le Nôtre nestle small rooms of greenery with fountains at their center. “I was charmed by this space, hidden, yet full of openings that play tricks on the eye, see without being seen and vice versa,” said Maia Flore. At Versailles, on the stage of the most beautiful theater in the world, like a young girl, she plays mischievously with the Fleurs de lys.

The Pont du Gard
The highest Roman aqueduct in the world, built around 50 AD, is not just a great piece of architecture. It is also an ethereal place on the banks of a wild river, where visitors come to sit in the sun. In the southern light, surrounded by the Mediterranean vegetation, the most-visited ancient monument in France blends into the landscape to the point that it seems almost “natural” itself. “What can I add to such perfection?” questioned Maia Flore.

Château du Haut-KoenigsbourgThe medieval fortress overlooks all of Alsace from its highest point, visible from afar. This is a real medieval castle, like the ones in children’s games, with a dungeon, a drawbridge, and a room for weapons and armor. It could also very well be a dark and foreboding castle like those described in the Grimm fairytales, but Maia Flore affectionately nicknamed it “the wedding cake” or “the cherry on top.”

Friday, March 14, 2014


I was stunned, mesmerized and in awe..
the first time i saw visuals from lightpainting artist - Janne Parviainen

it was beautiful, and mystical at the same time..
the contrast between the shadow and the colorful highlights just stroke me instantly.


the ability to draw in 3D space makes light-painting technique so interesting.
it gives us freedom to try and explore all the possibilities..!

all you need is just :

- a dark space / room
- light source (lasers, candles, neon-stick, etc)
- camera that can be adjusted for a longer exposure
- creativity..!

and you're ready to go..!


here are some pictures from Janne Parviainen to motivate you in creating your own lightpainting artwork..!

all photos courtesy of Janne Parviainen


Kadek Bondan Mahendra - 2014

Friday, February 14, 2014


Heyho! Cheerio!
lets get started with this blog yo..

a boy from Banjarmasin, who passionately explore the drum scene all the way to Jakarta.
and that boy has become not just a man, but one of the top drummer in indonesia.

his name is Gusti Hendy,
currently he has 2 major projects, the notorious band : GIGI and LIGRO

long story short,

a meeting was set by a good friend of mine, Okky Rahman..
the agenda was to introduce me to Gusti Hendy.
and from that introduction, without any further effort.. somehow i had gain the 'trust' from him.

the trust which transform the original task, to document a one-day drum lesson, into a much bigger challenge : A DRUM PROJECT.
from a plan involving 3 persons work, into a collaboration project that more than 20 persons are involved.

I hadn't given a chance to show my portfolios, yet this guy somehow trusted me already.
something like this, i believe had already set by the universes
(a bit lebay, but thats what i believe)

can you imagine, just by a quality conversation..
a one digit plan, magically swift into 3 digits project..?!

well, bigger budget comes with bigger responsibility..
and for that I assemble my solid team :

- Okky Rahman (producer)
- Iga Massardi (copywriter)
- IBCN (2nd director, editor)
- Arfianto Nugroho (assistant director)
- Pandita Yudha (line producer)
- Mas Budi and assistants (sound team)
- Mas Soleh and assistant (Lighting team)
- Gina and Mba Atun (make-up)
- Ariel Shomron (line assistant producer)
- Cheche (storyboard artist)
- all the crews

assisted by Salihara's Studio team.


and here's what we've been doing for the last couple of weeks..
all photos courtesy - Pandita Yudha

Gusti Hendy.. 

Pandita Yudha

Me - measuring lights

Ariel, me and Okky - Lunch Break

Okky - lonely?

First prayer

Danny Ardiono

his 'optimus-prime' look mixer

interview preparation

Mas Hendy and wife

The Team..!

and thats for the first production session of this project,
all taken in Salihara.. in 3 days

next is the interview sessions we had for the rest of the production day

Okky, Iga, and Me - setting up the first shot

Mas Budi and his gadget

Mas Sandy from PAS Band

Interviewed by Iga Massardi

Once a teacher, now a friend.. Gilang Ramadhan

At Erwin Gutawa's Studio

At Thomas' House - Gigi's Bass Player

Ariel Lasso - at Ari Lasso's residence

Fian at Dewa Budjana's house


and thats a sneak peek of our project so far,
stay tuned for the next blog (hopefully the final result of this project)

by Kadek Bondan Mahendra - 2014


Thursday, December 19, 2013


From each of every step, this dedicated English artist Simon Beck slowly create a massive geometric patterns in snow..

via mymodernmet


these set of pictures somehow showing me how to see life differently.

every single step, 
in the end manifest into a massive form which can only be understood by seeing it from afar..

a lunch with friends, 
an argue with clients, 
moment when a new studio with lots of better and cheaper rental-cost is discovered
like(s) on FB posts,

and all those little things which actually really matters in the end,


therefore, with this last blog in 2013..
I would like to say thank you so much for giving me all those small things..

i realize i wouldn't have come this far if it wasn't because of your stories, critiques, motivations, recommendation, advices, lunch invitations, thumbs, borrowed lenses, notes, cooperation, chit-chats, trust and many more..

thank you for visiting my blog,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014..!!


Kadek Bondan Mahendra - 2013